Jani Moore   Project 3

Pink Poppy with Pods

photo of pink poppy and pods

Before: My plan is to use this photo in a painting.

The right side, while having nice depth and detail,

wouldn't be interesting enough in a painting, the focal

point needs to be more prominent.


VW Westy

photo of vw_westy

Before: Our VW Westy looks lost and boring

in this original image. It isn't strong enough to hold interest, the rest of the photo is weak as well.




Street Scene in Edinbugh

photo of Edinburgh, Scotland street scene

Before: These buldings in Edinbugh look more

like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in this photo.





Victoria, BC Cathedral

photo of victoria cathedral

Before: This photo of the Cathedral looks impossibly bad. The lamppost looks like it is falling, and the building leaning in on the right looks odd.



Galway Cathedral Windows

photo of cathedral

Before: This photo has good contrast and color.


photo of pink poppy and pods

After: Using the Crop tool on this photo makes the details and values of the pink poppy really stand out, and the details on the pods in front of the blossom create a nice contrast. There is still enough depth to draw your eye towards the back of the photo.


photo of vw_westy

After: I used the Crop tool to crop the foreground and a bit of the right area. The Crop>Rotate function rotated the photo slightly to make the van look more even and take a more important place in the photo.





photo of Edinburgh, Scotland street scene

After: I used the fountain in the foreground as a

horizontal reference to place the Ruler Tool line. A horizontal guide helped me to see the window line

on the tallest, middle building, and I was able to tweak

it straighter with the Ruler Tool.




photo of Victoria cathedral

After: Using the Transform Tool to change the perspective on this photo really saved it from ending up in the trash. It took several tweaks before I thought it looked right. I used guides and grids to help me to determine straight lines.




photo of cathedral windows in Galway, Ireland

After: I used the Transform > Warp tool to give these windows a more surreal look.

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