Jani Moore Project 7

Using The Clone, Healing Brush, Patch Tool and Fill and Adjustment Layers Tools

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The Clone Stamp Big Leaf Maple Leaf with spots removed and a gradient fill to add more color

Big Leaf Maple Leaf:

I used the clone stamp to remove the spots, then masked the leaf and applied a solid color gradient over the leaf. Then I used the Hue/Saturation Adjustment on the background to add more contrast.

The Clone Stamp with Precision Mico and a jar with two goldfish

These Are My Fish!

I selected the area to the left of Mico, and added a 5px feather.  Then I used the Clone Stamp  Tool to replace the guitar case with black background at the top and carpet colored and textured foreground and used the Curves adjustment to lighten the photo.

The Spot Healing and Healing Brush Tools Eileen with the spots removed and the wrinkles minimized


The Spot Healing and Healing tools were used to remove the darkest spots and smooth her wrinkles.

The Patch Tool Shirley with deep lines eased out


The patch tool was used to minimize the deep lines at either side of her mouth. I applied Curves to lighten the photo.

The Airbrush Look of Magazines Jani with an airbrush to soften her wrinkles

Evening Out:

I used the Polygonal Lasso to select the face and then to subtract the eye, nose and mouth areas and added a 12 px feather and a 7 px Gaussian Blur, and touched up a few eye area wrinkles with the Spot Healing Tool. Then I removed the bra strap with the Patch and the Spot Healing Tools.

Replace the Background Pagoda and Portland Chinese Garden with building replaced by sky

Portland Chinese Garden Pagoda:

First, I rotated the photo slightly to square it up. Then I used the Quick Select Tool to select everything but the sky, inversed the selection and deleted the buildings in the background. I created a mask layer and refined the tree edges and then placed a solid gradient as the sky.

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