Tea & Coffee Cozy Quilts

Beautiful little Cozy Quilts to keep your tea or coffee toasty warm or icy cold
by Jani

The design for the batik cloth we use is first hand-painted and then printed onto 100% cotton cloth. Each piece is unique, there are always variations from roll to roll, color to color. This is the magic of batik, and is not to be considered flawed. It also makes each Cozy Quilt unique in it's own way.

Each Cozy Quilt is handmade here in Portland, Oregon.

Washing Instructions:

All components are pre-shunk before manufacture. Wash the Cozy Quilt on the Delicate cycle in your machine or by hand in cold water. Take out of washing machine and put both hands inside and poke and stretch the Cozy Quilt
back to its original shape. Place over its vessel and let dry. After using the Cozy Quilt, be sure to let it dry inside before storing.

Measuring Instructions:

The sizes are listed for each style. To measure around your vessel, use a flexible measuring tape and measure the widest place including the spout and handle.

Putting the Cozy Quilt on Your Vessel:

placement demo
If the Cozy Quilt doesn't slide easily over the vessel- then tip it over the spout and then slide up and over.
french press demo
Slip the French Press Cozy over the top and secure the velcro under the handle.